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Alien Skin Blow Up v2.0.3 plugin for Adobe Photoshop


Alien Skin Blow Up v2.0.3 plugin for Adobe Photoshop
Alien Skin Blow Up can enlarge your images in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements with better results and with more functionality than competing products. The interface is straightforward and easy to use, but you might have a hard time justifying the cost against the printed results unless you do a large volume of extreme enlargements such as poster size prints and larger. Blow Up 2's new features were primarily based on user feedback, keeping Blow Up 2 ahead of the competition in image enlargement software.

Supports high-bit images for enlarging RAW and HDR (high dynamic range) images.
Offers sharpening and grain simulation to improve details.
New dedicated batch processing is easier than using Photoshop actions to enlarge multiple images.
Very easy to use.
Will work in Windows 64-bit Photoshop CS4.

Blow Up can enlarge photos to extreme print sizes with better results than Photoshop's bicubic interpolation.
Detects edges and resizes using a method similar to vector scaling to avoid undesirable stair-step or halo artifacts.
Supports all image modes--RGB, Grayscale, Lab, Duotone, and CMYK. Supports standard 8-bit, 16-bit RAW, and 32-bit HDR images.
Works with Photoshop CS2 or Photoshop Elements 5 (Win) or later.
Layered files can be resized without flattening. "Resize as a new image" option allows non-destructive enlargements.
Includes a specialized sharpening method for enlargements, designed to improve contrast along sharp edges.
Can apply simulated film grain to improve the appearance of extreme enlargements.
New: Blow Up can resize up to the limit of Photoshop's maximum image dimensions--300,000 pixels per side.
New: Improved speed and image quality, more sharpening control, a JPEG cleaner option, crop and rotate tools, presets.
Multi-threaded for better performance on multi-core and multi-processor systems. Native 64-bit in Windows Photoshop CS4.

Photoshop CS2 9.0.2 or later
Photoshop Elements 5 or later (Windows)
Windows XP or later

Size: = 8.27 mb
Author: Alien Skin Blow Up v2.0.3 plugin for Adobe Photoshop

| Author: Kopona | 24 September 2009 | views: 1244

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Thanks to the authors for their wonderful imagination and an opportunity for the free use of their creations. If you like the frame for a photo or other work done in Photoshop, do not hesitate to thank the authors. Thank you.


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