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Eliminate signs of premature aging in Photoshop

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Eliminate signs of premature aging in Photoshop

Eliminate signs of premature aging. To smooth out the wrinkles of skin, we use a brush healing. The elimination of signs of premature aging in Photoshop, it's very simple. Much better to prevent premature aging and to combat its symptoms. So many options, you can use different masks with coconut oil for facial rejuvenation, and follow the advice of professionals, to save your skin. In this case, the program Photoshop you simply will not be needed.

[center]Eliminate signs of premature aging in Photoshop[/center]

Open the photo and use the tool to handle the Healing Brush. Start to "healing" photos from any place, we start with the eyes. Select the desired location and click Alt the area. Then simply "paint" on your wrinkles in the chosen field, it is not difficult. Repeat the procedure in those places in the photo, where it is needed, and enjoy the result.

Next, open the Tool Blur Tool (button R) and set the power strength by about 30%. Paint on the same line that remained after treatment with Healing Brush, be sure to follow whatever was the natural curve of your face, the way we soften any remaining wrinkles.

You must know and remember, that excessive use Healing Brush in the photo, the end may not look natural, and your friends can see a fake.

| Author: Kopona | 1 March 2012 | views: 1611

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