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  1. Blef45
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    Verses in English:

    Constellation of our desires
    In consciousness the calm keeps,
    And in sphere from silly dreams
    All life is a soap bubble.

    In divorces on liquid metal
    You like flash a snake,
    But only all waves were gone,
    When you remained with another.

    Instant of the last century,
    Match lit by love,
    And instead of dream-person
    Deceptive soap bubble.

    To forgive aloof phrases,
    To forget your roving glance,
    From my eyelashes pastes fall,
    In eyes closing contact.

    And a black granite somewhere at the left -
    It was dusted from time in;
    I was – the queen earlier,
    And you only a soap bubble.

    Leave, evaporate for God's sake,
    You a pain in an infinite network,
    But again noise of feet at a threshold,
    And whisper weepingly &;Forgive&;.

    I will forgive, I will cut thoughts
    And in heart there will be a probe,
    As a stone I will throw love
    Also I will burst as a soap bubble …
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