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Photography for beginners: where to start?

Photography for beginners: where to start?
Photography for beginners: where to start? Photography is an amazing and interesting art, which requires a lot of labor and passion. If you are a complete beginner in photography, you would probably like to know the ways that you can learn to take interesting and beautiful pictures in a professional way.

There are some pieces of advice that are useful for every beginner in photography.
1. Try to decide what kind of photography is the most interesting for you. Making this choice is very important for your future in photography.
2. Find a good course of photography. You can find advertisements in newspapers, magazines or social networks.
3. Buy a good book for beginners in photography. It can be a very good help in a lot of questions. If your native language is not English, you can look for books in your native language: for example, there are a lot of good photography books in Russian for beginners, German, Spanish, Japanese or any other wide-spread language!
4. Get a good equipment. It’s very important to have the best equipment that you can afford: camera, accessories, batteries, etc.
5. Take pictures! Try to keep your camera next to you all the time and capture all the beautiful and interesting things that are around you.
6. Keep up with the news!

Read magazines and websites for photographers, communicate with fellow photographers who can give you good tips and share their experience with you. We wish you a good luck with your new hobby!
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