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Digital scrapbooking – photo album of new generation

Digital scrapbooking – photo album of new generation
Digital scrapbooking – photo album of new generation. Photos can cause a pleasant nostalgia, you can show off them to friends or simply reminisce pleasant moments, looking at them. However, to be the maximum effect of the photos, you must correctly arrange the album in which they will be stored.

Scrapbooking - kind of a hobby, craft work, which consists in the design and manufacture of photo albums, a way to store family and personal history in the form of photographs, pictures, newspaper clippings, Free vector clipart, recordings and other memorabilia details.

Scrapbooking is a unique way of preserving and passing on some stories using special visual and tactile methods instead of the usual oral story. The main idea of scrapbooking is to save the photos and memorabilia for the long term for the next generations. Specially decorated photo album consists of separate sheets, each of which represents a complete thought expressed collages.

Typically, such an album covers a single theme: wedding, anniversary, new baby, a vacation at sea, etc. It is not necessary to fill this page only with photographs. You can draw different patterns, flowers, etc. or add clipart around the photographs and in the corners. Also you can use Free Vector clipart collections that contain both colored images ready to use in your design or printing, as well as black and white images that you can paint or change to suit your specific requirements.

Scrap-album feature is the presence of notes and comments to a page with photos. This may be a short funny story, a list of events or achievements, just words, thoughts or cruise expression, etc. Notes and comments written by hand, but you can do it on your computer using different fonts, text editor, playing with color and size. Together with decoration of albums, there is the so-called &;digital scrapbooking&; in which the digital photos are decorated using such programs as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.

Some advantages of digital scrapbooking:
1. You can easily make changes to your scrap-pages: - Changing the size of the photos as you like; - Changing the color of the elements so as to match the pictures perfectly; - Playing with brushes and textures and use them to create backgrounds and elements; - Moving items back and forth, experimenting with ribbons, bows, fonts, basic elements, free vector clipart, and other decorations, you will achieve their best location.

2. You can show your works to anyone who you want! You can print enough copies and make nice albums as a present ... or you can send your scrap-pages by e-mail to your relatives to tell them whats going on in your life ... Or place your scrap-pages in a virtual album for viewing on the network. Even if you are fond of creating classic scrap albums, you can use the printed backgrounds and elements, text and titles. And it will be much cheaper that if you bought them. Also you can print photos, using retouching, special effects and free vector clipart.
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