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Avatar instead photo. What is an avatar?

Avatar instead photo. What is an avatar?
Avatar instead photo. What is an avatar? This is not a movie. Avatar - a small picture, which you attach to your profile on any site, from job search sites to the banal social networks. As a rule, it is considered your photo, but it does not necessarily have to be it. In most cases, many users take meaningless pictures from the Internet and make of them avatars.

For them, this is a chance to change their daily lives, to make it brighter and more colorful. People feel the freedom of creating their own images. Some people see themselves in the created virtual characters they are trying to create them similar to themselves. And now these avatars become very popular. The creators of the modern games of different genres support the creation of personalized avatars. For example, if you create a match race you should give potential players the opportunity for individual creative work on a personal avatar.

So, to make the games unique and attractive to customers, you should give a large choice to the user. And all users will be pleased with the possibility to show their avatars to other people in their personal profile. Users can change their characters in any way, what they like. And often the creation of a virtual character is an integral and very attractive part of many games. Adding to the game an opportunity to create various avatars it increases the rating of the games in many times!

On the basis of their preferences, people are trying to create avatars more like themselves, or that look fashionable, or do not look like people or just funny avatars. But to create a unique avatar, unlike the others, need to show imagination. Imagine: What picture or photo meets your mood at the moment. Upload your favorite photos and create on-line avatars or you can surprise a friend by uploading his photo you can make his avatar and send it to him through e-mail. After downloading the photos you can move it freely, rotate, and scale as you like. After removing the excess from the photo, you can make your own nice avatar.
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