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The details in urban scenes - photographing buildings

The details in urban scenes - photographing buildings
The details in urban scenes - photographing buildings. The advantage of the buildings that they will not run away from you and you can photograph them without hurrying, just thinking through the exposure frame. When youre shooting in the town, city or village, your lens catches a variety of buildings and structures. Traveling as a tourist, you want to take pictures of your friends on a background of architectural monuments of the visited city and country. In focus of your camera can be the original constructions of the past centuries, unusual buildings, metropolis skyscrapers or even quite ordinary house like as Salisbury. Very often, buildings on these photos are distorted. To get really nice pictures of houses, historic buildings and monuments, you should know some tips.

In order to show the buildings best points, you must choose the right place from which the building will look good and profitable to settle down in the frame. To give a certain highlight to the building, go around it on every side. Find out where you can make a more profitable picture. Carefully look through the viewfinder of your camera, selecting the best shooting point. Remember, never shoot building frontally, its better to make a shot from a bit side. When a place is chosen, it is necessary to pay attention to lighting. Direct lighting often gives a flat picture so the most suitable for shooting buildings is side lighting.

If you have time, you can wait for this kind of weather that will allow you to emphasize certain parts of the building. I often shoot at night, but under the condition that the building is well illuminated. Many experts claim that it is better to shoot the building from the horizontal position of the camera, to avoid the effect of the Leaning Tower. Retrieved from experience: theyre right! In contrast to the panoramic approach proposed for the more traditional landscaping, the details in urban scenes are often more interesting. Try to find harmony in the arrangement of adjoining buildings, or look at the pattern formed by the window openings in the wall. Experiment with the angles by tilting the camera to give the plot an impressionistic look.
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