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How to insert a picture in a frame?

The mood and the inspiration for photography

The mood and the inspiration for photography
The mood and the inspiration for photography. On the one hand, the picture must be informative, that is to talk about certain events. On the other hand, the photograph must have the mood - to cause quite certain feelings and emotions in the viewer. A professional photographer differs from an amateur of the ability to remember about these two components of an interesting frame during the shooting. An amateur photographer, usually just shows or portrays the action but a professional tells the story. To build a really good frame it does not necessarily have to be a virtuoso, it is enough to stop and ask yourself - who or what plays a main role in the plot? What mood should be here?

The main character or event of scene - is the information component of the frame. Emphasize the meaningful objects of the plot - shoot it close-up, isolate from the background using depth of field. Keep this in mind, even if you are photographing ordinary subjects, that at first glance seem to be not interesting, such as a simple mailbox in Atlanta, bench or other things that you see every day. At the same time, the viewer has to catch the mood and atmosphere of the story and you need to create this by an indirect way, using color, lighting, symbols and association. Long or short shadow, straight or torn lighting, the slope of the horizon, objects on the background of the frame - all these details create the mood of the photograph, its atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to monitor not only the main subject, but also the background.

Do not forget that any trifles, accidentally trapped in a frame may be permanently spoil the atmosphere and mood of the picture - just remember! photo should create a mood. The mood which the photographer had during the shoot. Or any other mood. But the mood. The viewer, looking at the photo should have some emotions, empathy. It is very important that the photo solves this problem perfectly. It solves this better than video because the video is working on other laws. That is why, despite rapid technological advances, especially in computer technology, photography will always be in demand and need. Because it knows how to stop a moment and pull out from the time the facts that few people could see with their own eyes.
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