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Some secrets of successful photographs of jewelry

Some secrets of successful photographs of jewelry
Some secrets of successful photographs of jewelry. As you probably know, its hard enough to photograph jewelry, as they reflect up to 99% of the light which is directed at them. Because of their small sizes photographic process becomes even more difficult.

In most cases to take pictures of jewelry, its like to photograph a mirror. You can see any details that are reflected in this thing, such as a flash, a camera, a table, you can even see yourself. If you use a flash, the subject will be either too light or there will be a shadow in the picture, which will divert attention from the jewelry. What you need to do to get a photo of jewelry, a little similar to the ones we see in glossy magazines? I have recently seen a professional photo of princess cut wedding band, which has prompted in me a desire to understand all the intricacies of this type of photography. Here are some of my conclusions that I made as a result of my attempts to obtain a qualitative picture of jewelry.

The main points:
1) Shoot with high-quality macro lens
2) Put the right light (shadow-free box or ring flash)
3) Select a winning background (can be from completely invisible white to velvety-black)
4) Use special filters, which create the effect of lights, rays, etc. (or use Photoshop)
5) Use a tripod. To get good results you must have not only professionalism, but also quite good equipment. Therefore, you must first take care of a decent camera.

Jewelry demands a different approach than other subjects. Successful photographs of jewelry are obtained with a clear focus, good lighting and simple background. Emphasize the merits of jewelry!
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