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Phototherapy as one of the unique means of treatment

Phototherapy as one of the unique means of treatment
Phototherapy as one of the unique means of treatment. Today, in connection with the development of photography, practically the whole of mankind became photographers. Lets digress from frames, technics, optics, and see how the process of shooting affects the personality of a person.

Thanks to many years of experience in portrait photography it is possible to draw conclusions about the beneficial effects of the shooting session on the psychology of behavior and character of the model and photographer, who carries a powerful therapeutic charge. Watching what happens to a man, who is passing all stages of phototherapy (treatment by photography), it turns out that he is changed greatly.

Especially when by the means of photography destroy the complexes and stereotypes about their appearance. Phototherapy as one of the unique means of treatment and adaptation of children with disabilities has been used successfully in many schools, working on the program “Response to Intervention support”.

These children all his life believed that they had “something ugly” and then they see their own photos where their something looks nice and aesthetically pleasing. It is necessary to see their faces at that moment!

The trouble of the situation of nowadays is that we live in a world of stereotypes, which are imposed by our social misconceptions, traditions, advertising ... This is mainly the merit of the media and TV. And in this life many people especially the urban ones often feel themselves defective, having numerous complexes primarily connected with their appearance. But thanks to phototherapy, photographer-psychologist helps to break down stereotypes, to enhance self-esteem of man, his self-confidence. A person has opportunity to see himself from different points, sometimes in the most unexpected forms.

It works and something happens in the mind and psyche, person begins to perceive oneself in a different way, and it is clearly felt by others. Photography is not just an excerpt-aperture, bokeh, megapixels, composition and DOF. This phenomenon is much stronger and deeper, that directly affects a persons character and its development. Photography - is a form of art reflecting life. And perhaps this is the most right way along which photography as art goes on to develop , by virtue of its mass character, accessibility and uniqueness, and, most importantly, its effect on humans.
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