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Photo-portraits of celebrities - secret of their popularity

Photo-portraits of celebrities - secret of their popularity
Photo-portraits of celebrities - secret of their popularity. Today, no one doubt in the question whether photography belongs to the world of Fine Arts. Yesterdays Cinderella is firmly entrenched in the repositories of museums, the walls of art galleries and at auctions. And this can only rejoice. However, along with so-called artistic photography there is its commercial sister which has begun to defend of its rights to belong to the world of high art. If even the shooting of cake can be art, why the pictures of clothing, perfume or jewelry cannot be art? And without any doubt, celebritys portraits or photo-sketches of their lives can be masterpieces of art. Very often celebrities rush to thank their own photographers announcing them artists and their works - including, of course, their own portraits - works of art.

Well, if Brad Pitt and Madonna enjoined to consider Steven Klein as not fashion photographer but artist, we can only obey. Especially since most of the so-called art critics agree with them. Making the good photo-portrait of celebrity, the more photo-essay about his or her life is extremely difficult and interesting. But very often the success of the photo essay depends more on the fame of the model than on the skill of the photographer. Most photographers who specialized on shooting celebrities argue that the stellar model name for them does not really matter they began to cooperate with famous people, because stars can be very different and they are always ready for experiments. On the one hand they are certainly right: Brad Pitt could play any role in a movie or in front of the camera, to work with him a lot easier than with a guy off the street.

The same can be said of Madonna: She has a unique gift to express all that she feels what I feel, that all the people feel. And she is ready, at my request to be reincarnated as another person. - admires photographer. Photographers for magazines are also needed, as itself the glossy magazines, like Hollywood movies, Broadway and other musicals, commercial breaks, and of course the stars: actors and directors, writers and journalists, singers and musicians, and so on and so forth - the list can continue indefinitely. To get into this world the photographer must possess remarkable abilities, should be able to please the star, and more importantly - to make the viewers interest - to the star, the glossy magazine, the world of glamor - not weakened.
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