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The place of photos in the interior

The place of photos in the interior
The place of photos in the interior. Speaking about the place of photography in the interior, I want to emphasize that it should be viewed not simply as a piece of decoration, as well as one of links, which is involved in the formation of interior, making its space full of energy, calmness and romance. In considering options for interior decoration, often the question appears what to choose - a photograph or painting? The designer together with a host of the room should search for the answer, taking into account the following two aspects.

First of all, the functional purpose of the room and, of course, style of interior decoration. At one place painting will be more appropriate, and at another - graphic or photo. If we are speaking about the decorated in classical style office of legal company, tradition of which stretch from the beginning of the last century, the preference, of course, will be given to painting. Offices of the audit, insurance, construction and other companies, such as ;John Deere Advisor; will benefit from the black and white photography. Paintings by famous artists will suit for the National Bank while for office of a small bank that serves the public and small business, you can use art photography.

The paintings of talented artists will be closer on the spirit for a living-room of country house with fireplace and retro furniture; a dining room will be look more interesting with pictures in the genre of still life. In the hall of country-style you can create a special comfort, using ethnic or sepia photo of pictorial rural landscape. The picture in the genre of ;nude; will enhance the romantic mood in your bedroom. Baby room can be a good place for portraits of your child in different ages. One advantage of the photo - is it a property to find its place in almost any environment, that is not true for painting.
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