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Creative approach in photographing car

Creative approach in photographing car
Creative approach in photographing car. Swiftness, power, brilliance, elegance of line and form, perfection of the design - all these qualities of the cars attract us. And it doesnt matter with what we deal: a brand-new BMW or miraculously preserved The Seagull of 1950s - all these are tidbits for the professional photographer who knows the secrets of shooting of these high-tech works of art made of steel, plastic and glass. And do not worry about that you dont have your own iron horse, any car on the street can be an object for shooting.

Only be sure that the owner of the car does not object to such unauthorized photo shoot. All of the people: it is possible to make a portrait or may take picture only a foot in an elegant shoe, that is like to photograph the car tires and alloy wheels - frames are obtained not less than delightful. When shooting cars it is better to follow the same rules that you use during the “human” shooting. Do not take an object from direct foreshortening - neither in the fas nor in profile. Shooting from the side will give depth to the frame.

Also, do not try to place whole car in the frame. It is better to make a few photos from different angles or use a panoramic version of the shooting. It is really very important to have a creative approach in photographing car. Of course, genre picture with the participation of car can be made - photographers make up different photo session with the car. Like any type of photography, photographing cars requires practice, time, and most importantly the desire to learn.
  1. hmoood
    17 August 2012 14:20
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