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Photography as an integral part of modern advertising

Photography as an integral part of modern advertising
Photography as an integral part of modern advertising. We encounter with advertising photography in our lives everywhere: in stores and subway, in magazines and on billboards, brochures and leaflets, which are thrown into our mailbox. According to the observations, in the European market 2/3 of visual advertising is based on the photographic image. This happened because the photo has a persuasive influence of the subconscious, because the reality, that is captured with a camera has power of the fact.

Let us remember old proverb: Better to see once than hear a hundred times. Documentary accuracy of photographic images has opened tremendous opportunities to use photographs in various fields of human activity. Modern advertising photography has its own features. First, it must be of high quality and beautiful, whether its photo of the car, clothes, food, furniture or even a diagram of the truck service manual. Secondly, it is a picture in which the advertised product is shown from the positions of real needs and desires of the buyer, sometimes simple and clear, sometimes obscure, vague, subliminal. Advertising picture can be different - from the product images to the image of emotion caused by this product, from the concrete to full abstraction. It can cause positive emotions, and can be shocking.

It can motivate, but can suppress. It can provoke, finally. Through the visual channel of information it can use other senses, thus going beyond the purely visual image. Its all together creates a message, visual message. It turns out that the specifics of advertisement requires from photographer not only knowledge of the composition and professionalism in the setting of lights and working with models. He must be able to materialize the specific advertising idea with the help of all of these funds. He must think ideologically, not just aesthetically. It should provide the agency or advertiser to visual images, and to be not performer but creator of visual solutions. Technical and artistic skills for a photographer is required, of course, but beyond that it is necessary to develop specific advertising vision and thinking.
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