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Photography and Dance

Photography and Dance
Photography and Dance. Dance... is not just a movement to the music, the dance is the life that you live, its the emotions that you give the audience ... In our world there are many problems, laws and prohibitions, and when you dance - you are free. Photography - is a moment of life captured on camera, one moment that will not be repeated one more time … How to combine these two fine art? How to photograph the dance, so it was not just a picture? To make a good photo it is necessary that a dancer live by dance, invest in it all his energy. Photographers task - to take pictures of moments to looking at them, people has felt the energy and power of a dancer.

These photographs are among the most difficult in execution so it is necessary to consider some of the nuances of the shooting.
1 If possible, visit the dress rehearsal of the dance in dance studio. So you can choose the most advantageous angles for photographing, pre-plan your movement around the hall during work and get an idea of what the camera settings will be needed.
2 Try to think about the general sequence of movements. So you can focus on the reflection of the most important key points.
3 It is better to take pictures those who are willing to pose. And try to make as many as possible shots.
4 And in any case, be prepared for the fact that later you will have to do a lot of editing - this is the specificity of this genre. Everyone knows that snapshot absorbs 50% of feelings and emotions, so photographing dance - not so easy as many believe, because it is necessary catch the movement of the dancer and to be able to pass his dance through the lens.

Thus, for the photographer main task is to catch on camera the unique moments of frozen movements and flights of professional dancers. For dancers, the main task - to lay out the maximum, to plunge into it with his head, to enjoy and talk the audience about his feelings through dance. Try, experiment, enjoy every moment of your life, photographing the brightest of them!
    26 March 2014 14:44
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    Pls kindly let me download some of your photo frames. Tnx
  2. Khalid2014pro
    4 July 2014 06:33
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    let me download some of your photo plzz
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