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Usage of natural elements in photos

Usage of natural elements in photos
Usage of natural elements in photos. There are five natural elements in our world, including earth, fire, wood, water and metal. Even in the traditional Chinese medicine people use the theory of five elements to help clarify the relationships between the human body and the natural environment. If someone is interested in having an unforgettable photo expressing all the sides of his inner world, he should discover one of the five natural elements he is closely and unquestioningly connected with.

Nowadays one can find wonderful natural elements almost everywhere: beginning from the designs of rooms, clothes, pictures, manufactured goods and ending the designs of souvenirs, like, for example, gzhel - ceramics, painted with blue on white. It’s not very easy to choose the right element, you should simply feel and understand what you need and want.

The tree is a symbol of strength and antiquity. People on the photo against the background of one or more trees radiate confidence, wisdom and power. They take some mysterious energy from the trees and transfer it on everyone who looks at the photo. The earth means stability. People lying or sitting on it on the photos feel self-assurance, composure and certainty. They are relaxed and that helps them enjoy their life.

The fire is a symbol of regard and respect, a symbol of measureless power. The water symbolizes some changes in the life, opens something new and washes off all unnecessary. It renovates a person on such photo, makes all the difficulties and problems of the life go away. The metal is a symbol of individuality and unique character of the particular person, that doesn’t look like the others. It also symbolizes some unprecedented might. It helps to make particular and magnificent photos.
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