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Numbers on photos

Numbers on photos

Numbers on photos. Nowadays there are so many unusual and sometimes strange photos of different topics. One of these topics is of course a topic ‘magic of numbers’. Some of the photographers find something mysterious and enigmatic in the way they are written or in their amount and position, like on the calculator online, which you can use at home, at school or at work, which stores everything in memory and facilitates the process of calculation, or on the keyboard, where magic figures stay in the definite rage.

Some of them are even hunting every number beginning from one to one hundred. Every day they are looking for a new object and without doubt find it. Thereby, they have hundreds of photos closely connected to each other and expressing the same idea. So, what inspires them and what are the places of their godsend? First of all, it is a Technical Supermarket, where you can find materials and machinery for surface treatment, different equipment. All the streets in the world, all the houses, all the flats, buildings, private areas are full of numbers. Our roads with the millions of cars are a real treasure for such photographer. Sport competitions, like football, volleyball, or basketball, suggest a very big amount of sportsmen from two contestant teams with the numbers on their T-shirts.

And how many figures you can find at your own home! I suppose a lot. They surround us everywhere, beginning from the wall clock and ending the oven with the different amount of grades and minutes, that are important for cooking. Such usage of numbers is a great fun, and it improves the photography skills of each person very well, as you should every minute take notice of such things, that cannot be so quickly seen by someone else. You should always come first and show something simple to the best advantage.
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