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Photo on Curriculum Vitae

Photo on Curriculum Vitae
Photo on Curriculum Vitae. It has been suspected for a long period of time that some employers are influenced by a nice face during a job interview. Although, the fact, that you are a good-looking person, might become a hindrance in getting a necessary vacancy and coming to the first place. Do not forget, that if you need a good advice to putting the right photo on your CV, or even some questions just about writing CV in general, do not hesitate to contact sites that help with the freelance writing jobs!

Captivating women who attach their best photo to the CV are less likely to get a desirable interview than their plainer and ordinary rivals or those women who don’t send CV with a picture. It is the responsibility of ‘jealous’, young and single women in personnel departments who sort out, which jobseekers to invite. But in such situation, on the other hand, attractive men, whish attach their best photograph, are more likely to get a desirable interview than ordinary ones. According to the researches of scientists, women are overwhelmingly on the staff in personnel departments, mostly single and on average at the age of 30 years old.

As it was written in the publication of the Royal Economic Society, research involved sending more than five thousands CVs for two thousands job vacancies. Only two applications were sent for each job. One included a photograph of a captivating woman or man, and a ordinary-looking woman or man. The other CVs were similar, but did not include a photograph. Almost twenty per cent of captivating men got a desirable interview.
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