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How to insert a picture in a frame?

What is the stereo image?

What is the stereo image?

What is the stereo image? 3D technologies are rapidly evolving, and we keep step with the progress. Yesterday we only dreamed to go to the 3D theater, and now we can afford 3D movies and 3D photography. Professional 3D photography and 3D glasses create the full effect of the presence. We can save the best moments of our life in full value due to the modern technology. In the newfangled jargon we mean stereography saying (3D from the English language - 3 Dimensions). The bottom line is that the usual picture in stereo processing takes a surprising effect of volume.

Moreover, you can send your photo to the studio or make a professional photo shoot right on the place. Stereography is done so: the usual image is encoded in a special way and is attached to lens-optical raster. Volumetric photo with «3D effect overcomes in thickness conventional photos. Photo size can be as large or small the boundary serves only your desire. How to view stereo photos. We used to think that only movies can be 3D, and that we should watch them through special glasses. In fact, we all have been faced with one of the types of stereography - the so-called ‘vario’ images and have looked at them without any auxiliary optics.

Vario images include a few images, which succeed each other depending on the angle of observation. For example, it is enough to recall the rulers, pencil cases with moving or changing images. Stereo image (3D photo, three-dimensional image) creates the impression of an apparent three-dimensionality of the photo. First of all, people who are viewing stereographic pictures have a desire to touch it with a finger to make sure that the picture is really flat.To stop a moment in the full volume is no longer a problem!
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