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Transformation a photo into a drawing

Transformation a photo into a drawing

Transformation a photo into a drawing. The pencil drawing (pencil sketch) is a separate area of artistic creativity. In the work process of contemporary designer the pencil drawing is of primary importance, since most projects, sketches must be first drawn by hand. At the same time we must not forget that pencil drawing - is not only technique but also the basis of fine arts in general. However, not everyone has a pencil drawing skills. Some of us simply do not know how to draw ...

In such a situation we can be helped by all sorts of graphical editors that allow us get pencil drawing from a photo. Of course, these images cannot be compared with the works of authorship however they differ in vividness and originality of execution. Thanks to a range of tools and built-in filters, the powerful raster graphics editor Photoshop allows you to effectively and quickly perform complex operations involving the handling of photos. By using brushes for gimp you can make not only color correction, addition, deletion or modification of parts of the composition, but also completely transform the image. For example, convert a photo into a drawing. You are not an artist and master of Photoshop, but there is an irresistible desire to make a photo original and unique, with the effect of drawing in pencil. Anyone, even the least skilled user, can do it. The main thing - is the desire and creativity.

Of course, with Photoshop or Gimp skilled users can pull this off in 10 minutes, but if you do not have such a profound knowledge in this area, you can use simple programs to convert photos to pencil (sketch). They do not have a heap of settings and unfamiliar words, everything is simple. And as a result, you get unique stylish picture from a photo and good mood. To create a pencil drawing you can use pencil of one color or several colors and combinations thereof.

Qualitatively made a pencil drawing - the result of hard work and, of course, a indicator of skill of the artist. Knowledge of basic visual techniques that are used to create a pencil drawing, allows us to achieve more realistic image. To give the originality to image can be used partially processing of photos. For example, the pencil drawing can be located only on the edges of the image, and the central part of photo will remain unprocessed. Pencil drawing from a photo - is the ability of bright and unusual transformation of your images. Such a picture will not leave anyone indifferent and will be a pleasant surprise for any holiday.
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