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The live photos

The live photos

The live photos. It would seem, the live photos - it is an unnecessary invention of photographers that cannot be applied to useful cause, but only a person who does not understand the essence and charm of the live pictures can reason in such way. Some companies which immediately drew attention to the new technology of processing images began to successfully use this &;miracle&; for promotional purposes. In fact the usual photo cannot capture the attention of a potential customer for a long time, but a live picture - can. It fascinates look and it is interesting to watch how earrings are swaying in ladies ears or champagne in the glass is sparkling, how the wind is blowing on the hair...

The live pictures are often used to advertise cars - automobile companies are among the first who has realized that living picture can significantly increase sales of their products and attract new customers. Also this technology of photo processing is used by other firms related to auto-theme, for example, the sites which offer check the prices and find low auto insurance es in particular region. As competition in the automotive world is sufficiently high, then the promotional photos of cars have to be perfect to show some of the most advantageous sides of the car.

Even before the appearance of the live pictures, the development of cars photos had reached a high level of quality. The live photo has allowed the advertising industry to rise to new levels. But when shooting cars, there are some nuances that must be taken into account by not only a novice masters, but also professionals in their work. Taking pictures should be with using the most modern equipment that includes polarizing filters to eliminate glare - this will help make the surface of car more attractive. A very important part of the shooting - is the background, so before you shoot the car, it is necessary to find a nice background. It is advisable to take pictures at sunset or sunrise - lights at this time of day is the most proper and hard shadows are absent.
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