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Psychology of photo perception

Psychology of photo perception
There are many different factors, which influence on the psychology of photo perception. These factors can include: the angle of shooting, direction, location of the objects, their shape and color. A long time ago scientists have proved the fact that the human perception of information occurs for the most part not because of the words but because of their emotional and visual content - postures, gestures, intonation, movements, facial expressions, colors of clothes, etc. In photography, the perception of the picture is achieved by visual images.

Therefore, in order to convey the mood and emotional content of the picture, which the author has already intended, he needs to know and take into account some very important aspects. Foreshortening and surveying point have a huge impact on the perception of photography. During a close-up exposure of portrait, the position of camera at the level of eyes of a person, which portrait you would like to make, is considered to be the optimal surveying point.

During medium shot survey, the position of camera should be at the level of chest of a person, which portrait you would like to make. But during shooting a person in a full growth it should be at the level of abdomen. Changing of the surveying point (on the upper or on the lower) and of the foreshortening changes cardinally the perception of photography. A photo must show all the emotions, which the photographer tried to explain to the model, which he tried to transfer with the help of right foreshortening.
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