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How to choose a photo tour

How to choose a photo tour
Photo tour - is a journey to interesting places for photographing, specially organized by an experienced photographer for other photographers. This travel has at least two purposes:
1) help to get to a good place in good time for shooting and
2) training. Photo tour - its a great way for amateur and professional photographers to visit the places that they would like to see. What should you pay attention to when choosing photo tour?

Firstly, be sure to check out the portfolio of leading photographer, look at photos from the route. Do you like the style of leading photographers photos, whether you want to learn how to take photo the same way? Secondly, make sure that the hotels in the photo tour meets your expectations - silly, of course, expect five-star hotel somewhere in a remote Indian village, but if you choose tour, say, to Ukrainian city of Odessa, here you can expect to live in a comfortable modern hotel.

In general, read carefully the description of the photo tour and do not expect that if something is not mentioned, it is assumed (this applies to the photographic and organizational sides, ie, hotels, meals, transportation, entrance fees).

Third, pay attention to how much the program is flexible or fixed. If the program includes a lot of dawn shooting, are you ready to get up very early? Should not be expected that the photo tour will be only rest, rather the opposite - it will the work and you must be ready that often after busy day will be another part of training: an analysis of captured photos and lectures. Of course, during well-organized photo tour the leading photographer will monitor the condition of the group and not to bring it up to the point of exhaustion.

Specify clearly your goals and expectations of the tour. Ask as many as possible questions relating to the photo tour. If you are interested in a theme not mentioned in the program, say about your wishes, and may be the leading photographer will include them in the program.
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