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Photographing watches

Photographing watches
Photographing watches - a laborious process, requiring knowledge of specific techniques and rules. When taking advertising photos of watches it is important to consider the fact that the watches itself is an object that has a lot of plane surfaces for light reflections, and often these reflections creates glare, which can interfere when looking at the object. Although some photo studios take into account all these aspects and creates photos in an artistic style, using the light glares for the benefit of the advertised object. But, as a rule, it is necessary try to avoid glares, as they can interfere to evaluate and review the advertised watches in the future.

The complexity of photographing watches for advertising directory is, firstly, the presence of reflective surfaces, and secondly, there are many design details and texture which must be emphasized in the photo. Plus, in the advertising photo both the expensive watches and replica watches should look perfect and, in my opinion, is one of the best examples of qualitative photos of watches. When shooting in macro mode, as a rule, always the tiniest speck of dust, dust, and sometimes even the defects are seen in photo.

Therefore, post-processing the image on the computer is a mandatory step to create pictures for the catalog. However, the quantity work in the graphical editor can be significantly reduced if before shooting thoroughly clean a subject and dont leave oil stains of the fingers on the dial and on other surfaces. Before photographing watches, perform preparatory work. Make a stand, glass reflectors.

Clean the product from dust and dirt. Set up lighting. To prevent the appearance of shadows, the light box with three sources of soft ambient light is most often used for shooting watches. In order to get the glare and transfer the texture of polished metal, use studio lighting: softboxes, pilot light, lenses and reflectors. Do not forget that any macro photography is carried out using a tripod.
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