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Games with Light

Games with Light

Such combination of words as “games with Light” seems to be unusual and unexpected, may be someone even imagines something enormous, but it can be even a game with natural light.

There are no such bizarre people, who are able to control the natural light, but nearly all of us can adjust to it and use its amazing effects, we can play with it like some people play, where one can find the best and most shocking xbox top models, modded controllers and of course games. The following simple tips can help to make spectacular shots. Natural light always changes, and it is natural, one cannot do anything with it. The shooting of the same landscape or object in different times of day and under different weather conditions can lead to a completely unexpected effect. Therefore, first of all, you need to learn to wait, that is actually quite a difficult skill, and not everyone has it.

All the more so, that sometimes your expectations can end to nothing. You really have to wait for a long time, for example, while clouds will disperse in the sky, when the sun will go down below the horizon, and sometimes even wait a week, if you need some specific weather conditions. To minimize all those unpleasant surprises from the side of the nature and accordingly to wait for the right natural light, it is necessary to follow the detailed weather forecast of the place, where you are going to shoot, and to learn what certain ambient light conditions can predetermine.

A good photography is often the result of long-term observations of photographer, who notice everything in the smallest details, like the fact, when fog begin to disappear with the first light of the morning sun, it makes unusual and wonderful effects on the photos. Photo shooting is a long and hard process.
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