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How to create really gorgeous photo-make-up?

How to create really gorgeous photo-make-up?

Faint or tired face ..., dark circles beneath eyes ... Do I really look like this?– Very often women ask this question while peering at the amateur photographs of family events. If you know that you go to the event, where the pictures will be taken, then you need to observe the following rules of make-up. Any make-up on the photo always looks paler than it actually is.

The flash on the amateur and on the professional camera half of the color. Therefore, make-up should be brighter than usually. Mask out all the unevenness of the skin (redness, dark circles beneath eyes, pimples, etc.) using the corrector. Be careful with the selection of toner, it has to be in tone with your skin. Spray it on face, neck and chest area, if you have an open dress. If your hair is gathered back, the ears may turn red and will be notable, so do not forget to put a little bit of toner on them.

And so later you can put these photos with the appropriate make-up on your page and get guaranteed facebook fans, or just buy likes, if you need to create your presence and your brand, to create your domain immediately and without any problems. And do not forget about such important part of make-up on photos as eyebrows. Tincture them with eye shadow or pencil to match the color of hair or just two tones darker.

And remember that too matte and dry lipstick makes lips older and thinner. Digital cameras have a feature to enhance the pink color, so its better to give preference to the yellowish tints, which neutralize the possible redness.

It is difficult to hide all the physical defects and mistakes of make-up during a daytime shooting, so apply a minimum of makeup. Mask the problem areas thoroughly with the help of corrector, shade thoroughly and use warm palette. For black and white photography emphasize cheekbones, nose, and forehead and chin well. And also do not forget to mark out eyes and eyebrows, the brighter - the better.
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