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Photography: a curiosity or an art?

Photography: a curiosity or an art?
Photography has become a constant traveling companion of modern people since its creation. Some devote themselves to it as a hobby, some work with it professionally; some make only family photos and photos of their friends and relatives during the holidays. However, there is hardly at least one person in the world, who has never photographed or being photographed. At different times, the photo was interpreted in different ways, there were such times when a lot of people took a great interest of it.

It is not so easy to learn to make amazing and really beautiful photographs; enter it and read about all the treatments, results, products and contacts. Its almost impossible, if you thing about photography as a simple thing, if you do not think of it as something very special. However, those, who took up the case, said the opposite. So how do we create a picture that we so often see and create too? The principle of photography operation is based on the image formation and fixing it with the help of physical and chemical processes, which are obtained under the influence of light, i.e. electromagnetic waves, which can be emitted or reflected.

Today photography has evolved from a technical curiosity to a certain type of art that is considered to be kindred to the painting, in spite of significant differences between them. Photography is of particular importance and plays a great role in the arts and culture that are related to the scientific and technical essence of it. The most important feature is its authenticity, the genuineness of recorded events.

But at the same time, as in the drawing, or painting, the image contains some artistic generalization, the character of the portrayed person, the opening of the inner meaning of the situation, and more.
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