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The image of attractiveness in the advertising photography

The image of attractiveness in the advertising photography
In the first half of the last century the art of advertising carried the ideal images to the masses. Try and remember even the style of pin-up, which was so popular in advertisements of fifties. A decade later, the attitude towards images became not so strict, and then we could see the pictures more often in advertising posters.

However, over time the images were becoming differ and differ. Thus, a person attracts attention, but does not distract from the advertised object. One of the most attractive things for man on a subconscious level is sex appeal. Advertising photographers use this craving more openly; every time they choose only beautiful people with attractive appearance, such as, for example, from advertisement of pills modalert. In the forefront you see only pleasant, happy and widely smiling people. It makes you to be sure that these pills will really help you, and this is one of the reasons, why you want to buy them.

The limits of images in advertising has widened, nowadays not only rooms and premises serve as the background, but also the streets, parks, and nature. It means that advertising has stepped beyond the limits and has become more liberal arts. The image of people in the advertising of that time carried two messages – the people, who are satisfied with the purchase of a thing, and the people, who by their presence in advertising give things a certain status. The first usually advertised useful things, and the second - luxury.

No doubt, attractiveness in the advertising photography plays a great role, we want to see only pleasant people and things around us, and we want to live in the well-organized world. People in advertising should harmoniously coexist with the advertised items, not pulling attention to them, should give an opportunity to this subject to reveal.
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