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Professional photographers are few and far between

Professional photographers are few and far between
Maybe, many people would think that there is nothing easier - buy a good hardware and all the necessary gadgets to it, plus software for the images processing and this is all - youre a photographer. In the future it all depends on luck and on the availability of necessary connections, which will open the door to the world of glossy magazines and glamorous society.

But this is not so. Wake up from this horrible sleep, buy modafinil, stay awake and fresh in your thoughts and acts. Simple at first glance, the profession of photographer is much harder and more complex, if to get deeply into it. Not everyone has the ability to create, to make a complete picture with the complete story, based on the instantaneous snapshot. Let’s take as an example a simple photographer, which you have invited to commemorate the most important day of your married life - a wedding.

What are the differences between the professional wedding photographer and the beginner? A real professional, making a portrait of bride and groom, manages to convey all the range of emotions, which are in the look of two loving hearts - their long way to such an important step as marriage, their happiness, which they are willing to share with the world on this day, their joy of willingness to give oneself up unselfishly to each other, and the belief that their love will last forever.

And what is about the photographer-beginner? Can he combine all these feelings together and show them in a one momentary photograph? - Only by a happy accident. Photographers’ way to fame and recognition is extremely difficult. It is really the road through hardship to the stars, in the literal sense of the word. But nothing will substitute that feeling of joy and ecstasy from recognition, when you will firstly see your work on the pages of a fashion magazine or a national newspaper.
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