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Some pieces of advice for shooting in the twilight and at night

Some pieces of advice for shooting in the twilight and at night
Twilight is a magical time. The world is simply transformed. But even if there is not so much light outdoors, you should not leave the photo-camera at home. When the sun goes down, the photographer sees a very different world. The colors are not so, as they are in the daytime. And correct settings of white balance on the camera will help to get amazing images with a combination of light sources. If you have already ordered all the necessary things, such as coated hook links, korda krusha, and baitrunner reel and are going with your friends for night fishing, you should not be afraid that you will not get successful pictures.

The background does not almost distract in the twilight. Not everything in the frame is illuminated, but what you see in the viewfinder is very close to what you can get if you set the exposure properly. During such taking pictures people are not usually the objects for being in photographs. Passersby are barely visible - just a slight blur, of course, if you do not want to catch them in the picture using the flash. Automobiles are displayed as lines of red and yellow colors. The sky plays with the lights of the electric apparatus, especially when low-lying clouds reflect them.

In comparison with other types of photography, night photography does not require a large quantity of equipment. The most important things are represented in the list below:
1. Sturdy tripod.
2. Remote control of the shutter release. In most cases you can just use the self timer. The main thing is to avoid camera shaking in the moment the shutter release.
3. Flashlight for illuminating cameras buttons and dial plates.
4. If it is necessary, a portable flash with a reserve of batteries.
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