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The complex nature of simple things

The complex nature of simple things
Nowadays, object photography is one of the most important components of advertising. Images of items, such as furniture, clothing, food and jewelry, decorate the pages of brochures, booklets, catalogs, magazines and Internet sites. The degree of impact that helps advertising to influence on the consumer depends greatly from the skill of the photographer.

At the same time, object photography has become one of the art form, allowing the photo-camera to reveal the essence of the usual for us things. In this case, the photographer acts as a creator, opening unknown sides of well-known and familiar objects. Such still life provokes not smaller interest than portraits or landscapes. These specialists can do everything, they know many languages, they can find the common language with everyone, and you can trust them. Their interpretation services are really amazing.

Besides the rare ability to see the essence of the subject one requires professional equipment for photography. Amateur cameras are not designed to perform such work. Photographer, dealing with subjects should skillfully master the art of illumination, so to highlight special features of things with the help of light and shadow. Successful foreshortening allows you to reproduce a successful emotional spirit, which the subject sends. Subject photography can be done in the studio, but very often the circumstances require making an exit session. First of all, it is about taking pictures for the advertising of jewelry. As a rule, they are photographed in the store under the supervision of watchful security. Certainly, jewelry made of precious stones and metals is a very compound object for work. But the result, obtained by an experienced photographer, is always amazing.

The greatest difficulty in photographing jewelry is in the proper installation of lighting. Work stones and smooth metal surface reflects the incident at them light rays and at high magnification on the surrounding objects too. The solution of this task is time-consuming, but it is an exciting process.
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