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Moment frozen in eternity

Moment frozen in eternity
Time is fleeting. And we want so much to delay this time, or at least to remember it very well. In this situation photos are our best friends and helpers, are our savers, they secure such important moments and events like SSLCertificate secure the business of many well-known companies and organizations. Vivid pictures of the most important things and people in our life will always be with us, but this is not enough. Refer to the miracle of the modern portable technology - digital camera and try to capture every moment of life.

The unique property of the camera is to stop each small moment of our long life, and, in turn, our life will continue. And then not only you, but your children and grandchildren will be fascinated to see a young mother, their own photos when they were babies, their first friends who may be have become enemies now. And someone can even try to change his or her for the better: forget about all the problems and misunderstandings. The History of the camera is long and fascinating.

Long before the camera was invented, there was a camera - obscura, which looked like a small dark room with a small hole in the wall, the principle of its construction was known and studied by mathematics, scientists and even by Aristotle. The study of this camera led to the creation of glasses in the thirteenth century. And further the glasses that were protuberant from the both sides were put into the camera – obscura; they were the prototype of the lens.

Today compact camera only vaguely resembles its ancestor. Technological progress does not stand still: there is a new technology and all sorts of devices, ranging from simple mobile phones to smart phones. And digital photography is grown rapidly, leaving behind the streamline one. The photo quality often strikes us with its beauty, bright colors and reality.
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