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Tips for Shooting Airplanes

Tips for Shooting Airplanes
Those who are keen on aircraft may want to shoot airplanes and jets. Photographing different types of airplanes is fun, though sometimes difficult. More often it depends on the photographer s luck rather than skill. Still, there are some things that should be taken into consideration no matter if you are intending to shoot aviation for personal enjoyment or you are planning to sell the shots.

In the latter case you may want to participate in the aviation photo contest which is being conducted each month by Athrust. You will be pleased to learn that the photos which are viewed most are regularly paid. Or just enjoy viewing thousands of amazing photos of aviation on this site.

When you take pictures of objects in flight, don t be anxious about getting them 100 percent perfect. Just concentrate upon the subject and be ready to lens anything that attracts your attention. Ideal shots are created when an airplane or a jet is directly overhead and the viewer sees all the details on its bottom. Still, a shot of a plane moving away into the distance often produces a good photograph too.

When you photograph flying objects, you are to manually control the aperture as well as the shutter speed. A slow shutter speed is good in capturing movement and the smoke behind the plane. A fast shutter speed helps to capture the mid-flight. A slow shutter speed is especially useful for panning, when the photographer moves the camera following the direction of the object overhead and keeping it in focus. As in the case of standard photography, keep to the following two rules. The first one is the more you photograph, the more chances you have to get a great picture (the Rule of Numbers). The second one (the Rule of Thirds) demands that the photograph should be divided into 3 sections vertically and 3 sections horizontally and the objects should be along one of these lines.
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