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How to insert a picture in a frame?

How not to frighten the life, photo of which you make?

How not to frighten the life, photo of which you make?
In addition to reporting shoot as a kind of shooting there is a separate and interesting game with such rules. Life is the chaos, but at times it creates something regular and artistically interesting. The task of the photographer is to see and display it. The result depends on the chance, and on the ability of the photographer to see. It is like with those creative and hardworking people, who need to make an advertisement, for example, to affordable auto coverage. They see beforehand how it will look like in future. So, in preparation for a meeting with the case, it is necessary peeled eyes to see and feel.

Secondly, if we make photos of life, then we should behave philosophically - the second rule invented in the game - it is necessary not to break it. How? There are pieces of advice about it. You have to become invisible. Move, holding camera in the hand lowered down along the body. You can - if it is necessary - to get the camera behind the leg. Typically passersby will take a look at your face, if your hands are at the bottom. During usual walking they simply will not notice. To do this, you need to wound the camera strap on your hand. Seeing something, raise the camera, make photo about 1 second. It is better if there is enough light to focus in advance and pre-set exposure.

If people notice that you re shooting, it will happen later, you will already have the picture. Then behave correctly – do not fuss, you should smile. If someone is unhappy, remove this discontent by friendly demeanor. Say that you re a tourist, etc. If you behave normally, a few people object - one of those few will not even notice that you have been shooting.

In other cases, show that you are photographing something behind this person. They look at you - you re standing and waiting, when they will pass by, freeing the line shooting.
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