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How to make a great photography?

How to make a great photography?
In every kind of art there were engaged people, who became great and their names are deeply curved into the history, and also there were those, who have produced plenty of works during their life, but still remained in the shadow and no one remember their names now. The same thing is photography. Every photographer while beginning his creative development wants to become famous. But to make the dream come true everyone has to work hard and also believe in a miracle, because sometimes great photos are not the fruits of many years’ work but the gift of a sudden moment.

You can make million of photos, but once there may come a moment when you take the picture, that will win all hearts. The most important thing is to notice something special because the process of taking a picture is easy. Remember that camera has nothing to do with taking great pictures, it’s your eyes and imagination that produce a real masterpiece and camera is just the equipment that helps you to fix the moment.

There is an interesting article at that describes the story of one photographer. He was an ordinary person, but once he caught the unique moment and made the picture, which soon gained the world wide popularity. The same may happen to everyone, but still it’s important to realize some things. First of all, try to be passionate about the things you photograph, because passion attitude toward the photographed subject will help you to gain good results and if you don t care about it nothing would happen. That’s why photograph the subjects you are curios about, because if you find them interesting, other people would feel the same.

Don’t follow teachers or someone else, just be yourself, try to show your inner world and in that way you’ll develop your style. Never give up, whatever happens, go ahead and your moment of glory will find you.
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