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How to insert a picture in a frame?

Rainbow, lightning and salute in the frame of photographer

Rainbow, lightning and salute in the frame of photographer
Shooting of the rainbow is produced on the film with high photographic sensitivity. The exposure is determined by the brightness of the rainbow itself. It is better to picture lightning at night, putting the lens at infinity and blinding it too much. If you pay to write essay for you, then you will get to know than you can see lightning most often at night. The shutter must be set to a constant exposure. After the first streak of lightning the shutter is closed.

If you need to take a picture of a few zigzags of lightning, then without moving the camera, it is necessary to keep the shutter open until the second and third streaks. It is almost impossible to make a photo of lightning during a day. Occasionally, this can be done in a severe storm, with a blinding lens. Image effects of lightning are received with the help of combined ways. Then you need to photograph a landscape with storm clouds day-time, and at night - only the lightning and in such a way that the picture would not turn out the surrounding area. Negative with the lightning should be as transparent as possible. Two negatives are stacked layer to layer so that the image of lightning rests on the clouds, and the installation of a print or digital editing is carried out, it is much more convenient and easier.

Salute is photographed on the low-sensitivity photo materials with a slow shutter speed with the aperture 5.6-6.3. Traces of the flying missiles can be clearly visible on the pictures. To cover the entire path of their erection, you should shoot fireworks from a distance. If water gets in the field of view of the lens, choose such point that flying missiles will still be reflected in the water. The presence of high-aperture lens and high-sensitivity film allow making photos of fireworks. Release of the shutter should be implemented at the time of the greatest brightness of missiles.
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