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Landscape in photography

Landscape in photography
Landscape in the graphic art is a mature statement of photo master about the natural world and man. Landscape in photography is an independent genre, in which the main subject is nature under the firmament: forest, garden, field, meadow, prairie, pond, swamp, plains, hills and mountains. To the concept of urban landscape we may refer architectural space: buildings, sidewalks, and bridges - the multifaceted arena of urban life, as well as trees, lawns, flower beds, pedestrians and transport. Lanscape is a very wide concept, and that is a reason, why it is so easy to write an essay about it; this topic is so many-sided.

To the industrial landscape we refer those photographs, the contents of which are industry or construction. Sketches shots on nature also belong to the category of landscapes. They present snapshots, on which may be embodied fragments of the landscape that are of interest as independent photo creations. Some specialists think that the most difficult genre of photography is landscape. The photographer should capture the moment, in which the earth, sky, clouds form the most expressive combination. We have also to take into account the haze in the air, faded color, size, convey a sense of place and time, and finally, need to catch the best time in the light and make the exposure before this time will disappear.

For the first time, while taking a picture of landscape, it may seem that this genre is simple and accessible to everyone. A prelude to the study of visual possibilities of landscape painting is mastering the techniques of shooting the exterior. The term exterior is meant as a structure around a limited outdoor space. A picturesque part of the yard, limited part of the building, fence, front garden, tree plantings, shrubs, and flower beds can serve as exterior motives.
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