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Running, walking and jumping on photos

Running, walking and jumping on photos
Long-distance running can be photographed at the start, in all parts of the road, and at the finish. It is better to shoot a series of sprint shots and then choose the best; especially it is necessary to think over the camera angle in advance. You should use the minimum shutter speed when shooting at the start, and maximum - when shooting at the finish.

The best point of shoot is the top point. You need to photograph so that the athletes do not overlap each other. A lot of athletes are involved in the marathon running, so it will be very interesting to make digital printing of the most successful photos, that is why do not forget to choose the point of view at a distance of 120-200 m from the start, when several runners will disperse. The figures of athletes should be photographed in the profile.

When we have to do with walking, then athletes are photographed in profile or in three quarters. Exposure is average 1/100-1/200. Here, as in running, there are phases that emphasize the dynamics of the movement. Jumping should be photographed on the hypersensitized materials and with a very fast shutter speed 1/500-1/1000. The most convenient is the moment of jumper transition from the raise to descent. Exactly at that moment the speed of movement is minimal, and therefore the figure of an athlete is clear on the photo.

Pole vaulting is photographed at the time when the athlete is in a horizontal position above the bar. Try to catch a moment when the jumper leaves to hold vault in the hands. This is the most dramatic phase. Long jumps and high jumps are photographed from the low point. In order to make image of a larger scale, you should shoot from a distance of 3-5 m. The most important thing is to choose such a point that the athlete at the time of the vault over bar would be turned with his face to the camera.
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