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Architecture and city view on the photo

Architecture and city view on the photo

In city, where there are no fields, no hills that are a peculiar element of countryside, you can find a number of topics, which may become a basis of totally different type of landscape photography. Maybe, such names as “city view” and “city landscape” fit them more. The topic itself is differing, but a lot of fundamental principles are similar.

There is no more sense in photographing of occasional range of buildings outdoors then in photographing of fields’ and hills’ landscape running into one another. Image should have sense centre and something showing scale and depth.

In contrast to panoramic approach that is suggested for more traditional landscape works, exactly details are more often interesting on city stage. Details play a great role in different spheres. Custom writing is one of such spheres. Your work cannot be interesting, when the topic is boring, whenthere are no bright details. Try to find harmony in the buildings staying close to each other or draw attention to the ornament created by aperture of window. Make experiments with angles of shooting by angling photo camera, in order to add impressionistic view to the story.

Use possibilities of different types of Auto Focus, in order to mark such details, as knockers or fragments of embellishments on old buildings. Look at electrical advertising of modern streets that makes a certain figure, which background is sky or appropriate building. Try to find reflection of one building in glass windows of another building or even reflection of totally different object, for example, tree or water pond, which make complete unit together with building, in the windows of which you can see their reflections. Blur is also an interesting device for photographer. It makes absolutely unusual effect.
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