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How to insert a picture in a frame?

Getting of the perfect composition

Getting of the perfect composition
Once you've found an interesting place for shooting - you still have to decide how to compose the shoot. This is a very subjective area and it is difficult to give exact recipe, what is good for a composition, and what is bad. It seems that the best photographers are arranged the way that their eyes immediately see what way and how it is better to take a picture that will attract the viewer. There are a few accepted rules to follow, but on the other hand a number of outstanding photographs violates these rules, so do not treat them as a dogma. However, please keep them in mind. Avoid disorder. Include to the frame only that what you want to show the audience.

The best photos are usually simple and clean. This will tell you any photographer in Milan, Kyiv or Madrid. If the unwanted items such as electric poles, cars, roads, buildings, etc falls into frame, then try a different shooting angle, in which they are not visible. Small items can be removed in post-processing, but large will distract the viewer. Include an interesting, but simple foreground. It is not necessary just to rely only upon the beauty of the sky while shooting the sunset. Objects on the foreground, such as rocks, water, etc will balance the shoot and will of course draw everyone’s attention to the picture. Leading lines are a great way to draw attention to your photography.

They will become a special accent and unforgettable part. Piers, jetties and roads are obvious examples in this case, but look closely to rocky formations too. Avoid placing the horizon or the center of attention in the center of the picture frame. Use the rule of thirds as a guide for framing. And remember to regard all the above-mentioned tips only as a recommendation, but not as strict rules. Rules are to be broken!
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