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Photographer gets in touch

Photographer gets in touch
One of the main problems for the traveler, and twice for the traveler-photographer is to come in contact with the object of photography. It is important not to be an invader in the world of others and, as it is said, one mustnt venture into others home with a charter of one's own. It is difficult to avoid this and it is difficult to solve this problem to the end at once, you need to face it from time to time.

On the one hand, we should not be aggressive towards those, whom we shoot, but on the other hand, excessive modesty will not become our helper. It is always possible to demonstrate our absolute respect and try to have at least minimal contact with those, whom we want to shoot, or in deep jungles and faraway lands. If we have the opportunity and time, we must try to become almost invisible, to make sure that we had been forgotten. Certainly a challenge for us will be the limited time that we have.

Except those rare circumstances, all of us are tourists-travelers, and it becomes very sad, when we see crowds of tourists, who has just arrived, for example, to the Grand Canyon or to the Great Wall of China, and are looking at once for a place, from the point of which they can make the best picture, instead of enjoying the moment.

This temptation seems normal for someone, who likes to take pictures, but you can not travel with the viewfinder instead of the eyes, stopping only to push a button. The best advice is to look around and relax first of all, feel the emotion of what is happening and only then proceed to the process of photography, studying the subject and the shooting angle, light, etc. If we limit our desire to photograph everything, it will help us to turn the memories of places seen to the self-expression and creativity.
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