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Top tips for a photographer-beginner

Top tips for a photographer-beginnerTop tips for a photographer-beginner

Despite the abundance of information and different kinds of pieces of advice, the question of giving a few tips for beginners, more precisely for those people who just want to do photography, always arises. So, what can you say to those who really want to do the photography, but do not know where and how to begin? Do not pursue expensive appliances. One of the most common misconceptions is that in order to make a good picture, you certainly need a good expensive camera and a whole bunch of all other expensive things. This is not so. Remember once and for all. Masterpieces of wooden architecture were made using only one ax.

And the simple situation is with a photo. Having the best camera, you ll take the same, as if just a cheap mobile phone would be in your hands. Yes, the technical quality of the images may be higher. But technical quality is not the main thing in photography.

So do not try to spend all the money on a new one, just hit the market snapshot camera. New models of digital cameras change so fast that by the time you realize how to shoot your masthead SLR will be probably hopelessly outdated. In order to start learning the basic principles of photography and very significantly raise the level and quality of your shots, it is simple enough to have an ;advanced; snapshot camera with an extended range of settings and even a ;smartphone; with a good camera.

You may see pictures of very well-known photographers, which they did on their iPhones; and androids simply because the camera was not at hand. And these are great shots.

It is because these people understand how and what to shoot and what is a secondary issue.
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