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Get to know your camera better

Get to know your camera better
If you have bought a simple digital single-lens reflex camera and make photos in ;auto; mode, what is the use of this DSLR camera? Good shots are rarely made ;in auto;. First of all, read the instructions to your camera. Learn what aperture, shutter speed, aperture priority, exposure compensation, mirror lock-up preview mode, and many other important for a photographer things mean.

When you understand the meaning of various parameters, like when you understand all the enjoyment try to use them, and do not hesitate to experiment with the settings. Hesitating is the worst thing for all the photographers. You will be surprised how differently you can shoot one and the same thing, just changing the settings. Begin with the basics. Nowadays the amount of information about the photo may knock down with a feather and be confusing for you. Take your time. Start with the basics - the rule of thirds, and articles on the composition, fundamentals of lighting, technical aspects, such as depth of field, exposure, etc.

Yes, there are new techniques and methods of shooting, but the basics remain unchanged for decades. And without knowing the basics, do not rush to move on to more advanced techniques of shooting. Make photos regularly. Perhaps this is the most important advice. Shoot, shoot and shoot again. This does not mean that you, as a madman should photograph everything, trying to replace quality with quantity. But the more you shoot and analyze, the faster you will understand what to do.

Learning the basics will be forgotten without regular practice. And your goal is to drive them into your subconscious mind so that your hands will automatically adjust the settings on the camera, while the brain is busy with choosing the better angle.
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