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Night Shooting Time

Night Shooting Time
There is no need to limit shooting with the time when there is daylight. The camera can be used effectively at night too, while the landscape photographer may change his attention to the shooting of a large or small town. You will need a camera that has great speed and the shutter set B, cable release, stable tripod or other reliable rack and small flashlight.

The last accessory is especially useful not only for lighting of scales of all the parameters set of the camera, but also as supplement for focus control. If you don’t have all the devices needed to make a good photo-session. It is really very useful thing for photographers- beginners who are not able to have everything at hand. You can light the subject with a flashlight when available light is not enough for seeing the image on the matte-surface glass of viewfinder, or put a torch next to the subject and focus the lens on its beam.

If photographed scene has a dark environment, then it is difficult to see through the viewfinder where its borders are in the dark. A flashlight may also be useful in this case; if you use a single-lens reflex camera, then send the flashlight to the lens to see where the boundaries of the frame are in the viewfinder.

The film of high sensitivity has advantages, but it is not strictly necessary, since in any case exposure will be inevitably prolonged. Use film of medium sensitivity, as it gives a better contrast result, unless you are going to keep it in hand and shoot. In the latter case, you need a film with ultrahigh sensitivity.

When photographing with a color film you have to remember that reversal films are balanced for daylight or artificial light. So, in order to pass the color of the subject, you need material balanced for incandescent lamps.
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