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Camera Sees Differently

Camera Sees Differently

Anyway, any camera does not see our world as we see. And the problem is not in the amount of colors and tones transmitted - just all this is easily to set up and complete in Photoshop, the problem is in the perception of reality.

The first thing that you can not fix is that we perceive the world dynamically, and the camera - simultaneously. This is not a drawback, just a feature: in fact, we gradually grow up and grow old in the dynamics, and we will always stay a replica of reality from the pictures not even on a specific day, but at a particular moment.

Camera transforms reality - as soon as you press the button, time stops. Naturally, not forever, but only in a particular frame, but this frame is especially interesting for us on the photo. And it is so wonderful, when time stops at some picturesque place, like some from the private tours St.Petersburg Russia.

You don’t always understand what a precious photo you’ve made, what an interesting shoot you’ve caught. Exposure time frame may be 1/500s, and for five hours, but it will be presented as a still image on the screen (oh yeah, and on paper too).

It is therefore important to understand and remember that the frame will always remain static and frozen, and if you want to add some dynamics, it is necessary to use those rules, according which the camera, but not you lives.

The second feature of camera view is that it is a very bad space converter: we perceive the depth of the space itself, thanks to stereoscopic vision - but the camera can not do that, it has one eye. Just try to talk with someone who has vision with deficiencies and try to understand it.

If you don’t have such friends, pretend that you are blind on one eye and walk with a black patch over one eye half a day – begin to see as the camera sees, and the image will be flat, i.e. lose its depth.
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